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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Kem Jejak Kerjaya 2008

There's a lot of program organized by Petrosains. Since i work as a part-time volunteer at Petrosains i can apply and join the program. The latest program that i join is the Kem Jejak Kerjaya in November 2008. Its a great camp, where the objective of the camp is to help the Felda teenagers to give the picture of what kind of career they want to choose to and then what type of subject and course that they have to take in order to achieve their goal.

There's many activity were held during the program. This is some of the event that we have during the 4 days camp:

Below is the Water War Game where the participant learn about the science of water and after that they have a little bit of fun.

And below is the Chill Out Lounge Session where the participant can make ice cream using a simple tools and products that we can find in the kitchen.

By far, the objective of the camp is met and all the participant were being exposed about the science and other career. Most of the participant want to go for science career because they like the career that were offered by the Petronas and Petrosains company.

Hope that we can have many new graduate from science stream. InsyaAllah.

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